March 28, 2005

Ok so now that I've waited long enough so that anyone that was checking this page is now gone, I'll post. :P

Wow this year is going by quickly already.  I guess that's why we're told to make the most of every day because time is not linear; it accelerates as one gets older.  So many interests, so little time.  Ok, no more pensive, slightly depressing talk.  Things are going well for us and we're managing the distance.

One of the things I've realized as of late is that I want to be more social in my game playing.  I'm not really building up friendships when I play by myself and I'm begining to believe that my time would be better spent if I was.  I'm not giving up playing games alone entirely, I'm just trying to focus on spending time with friends more.

October 26, 2004

One of the nice things about a cool, wet summer is that the fall season is just gorgeous. The trees have been quite vibrant this year.

I was talking with a friend the other day about what is Canadian culture? We came up with a few things: hockey, maple syrup, peace keeping, all things Quebec, all things winter (for example helping others shovel snow, especially in the suburbs). Another big one was acceptance and celebration of world cultures/traditions/festivals/etc. This can make it hard to define what Canadian traditions are because we take from so many cultures. But celebrating such a wide variety of cultures is rather unique to Canada and is part of our culture.

August 23, 2004

Well, itís been a while! A ton has happened since we last posted. Iíve been working at Le Chateau full-tine for the past 4 months, and it was driving me crazy for a while I got to liking it and actually got really good at the job.

Then (as most of you know) I got accepted into Westernís Occupational therapy Masters program!!!! I wonít tell the story here again Ė most of you got it in the mass spamming I sent you. :P if you didnít get it, let me know. So Iíll be living with the Greerís temporarily, until my sister-in-law gets a job, then Iíll be living with her in-laws Ė the Caricís. I start classes September 7th, and Iíll be living in London Monday Ė Friday and coming home to Waterloo on weekends. Please keep our marriage in your prayers Ė this will definitely be challenging, but do-able.

As for right now, Iíve got my last shift at the store Wednesday night, and otherwise Iím getting ready for school! Wish me luck!! :D

July 14, 2004

Well it seems that the 80ís are back. The music and fashion anyways. Iím not too crazy about it so far. It seems the crappy, stereotypical stuff returns first. Iím not going to talk about fashion (which I know nothing about) but a little about music (which I know a little about).

I liked 80ís rock with a heavier guitar and drums focus compared to 90ís rock. Vocals tended to suck in the 80ís though. Hence guitar bands. In the 90ís vocals got much more of a focus. Bands popped up that had a singer that had an interesting voice or style of singing but the rest of the instruments didnít seem matter much. Iíd love to hear a band with a 90ís style vocalist with 80ís style guitar and drums. Instead all I hear on the radio is 80ís singers back by 90ís style instruments. Oh well. Hopefully a band out there is figuring this out right now and weíll get some best-of-both-decades music soon.

May 11, 2004

I biked home from work today, I had stored my bike at work over the winter.  I want to get into a habit of biking to work to get some exersize.  I currently do nothing but play Apocalypse V for exersize.  It took me 1 hour 5 minutes to get home.  I seem to recall the last time I did the trip about a year ago it took 45 minutes.  Wow am I out of shape.

May 1, 2004

Well, I have no idea where to start since I havenít posted in so long. :P here goes.

About a month ago I got a part-time job at Le Chateau at Conestoga Mall and was getting about 20 hours per week the first couple weeks Ė so far so good, and yay for moolah coming in.

Then my boss told me that theyíre looking for full-time people, and said she was asking me to think about it before she went advertising outside of the company. So I thought about it for a while, and was asking questions about the position, and they kept saying that my other jobs (Jaminí Cardio & the Gym) would eliminate too much of my availability to be a full-timer.

Then (the short story is) the girl who was full-time at the time got let go/quit and they asked me if I could start on Monday. So I did, and I learned how to open, how to be a cashier, and anything else under the sun they could teach me. What a busy week! Next week I learn how to close.

So, that was the good news. The bad news is that we got in a car accident last night. The car isnít totalled, so thatís good, but thereís enough damage. A girl in the right lane cut us off in the left lane and our right front hand corner collided with her back left end just behind the wheel. Dave and I donít have any major injuries, but weíre equally shook up, and both very stiff. The only thing Iím really worried about is the fact that my bad back is very much aggravated and my left baby finger is numb. But weíre going to see my Dr tomorrow a.m. and hopefully get things sorted out.

So, thereís the update Ė please keep us in your prayers, and that everything would get worked out well, and quickly.

April 27, 2004

Well revising this page has been a more rigorous task than I had thought.  I also havenít put enough time into it.  Iíve got a test page that Iím working on but Iím guessing you donít want to see a bunch of errors popping up and script lying around when you browse eh?  So weíre going to continue posting the old-fashioned way until I get the test page cleaned up.

Life is running along for me, Iím enjoying it.  I need to make a more concerted effort to stay in contact with friends.  Iíve been thinking about cutting out a night each week to call or visit people.  I think it has to be apart of our regular lives or we just fill our time with other things.  Need to think about this moreÖ

Febuary 21, 2004

I should mention that the other reason why we haven't posted very often lately is that I'm working an easier way for us to post and we keep waiting for me to finish :P

Febuary 5, 2004

So in my last post I mention that the craziness was dropping off at work and I'd have time for other things.  Then I stopped posting :P

Life's been good, we've been busy but I can't remember what with.  Christmas with my parents, a great New Year's eve party at friends, I love my birthday gift from my family (Complete Far Side!), and a great P.O.D./Linkin park concert with Jay and Grant.  That's a pretty good synopsis.  I've been playing a MUD ( Multi User Dimension/Dungeon) called Apocalypse V that Mike has been involved in for years.  It's a lot of fun, the people there are great.  For all those that think I'm crazy for playing old games with ancient graphics... this is text based ;)

November 15, 2003

Well, my intense field work in Toronto is over now.  It's funny how not having any spare time for about a month has made me think about ow I spend my free time when I do have it.  Life's too short and all that.

We got our first snow fall the other day.  It was a pretty feirce one actually.  Asha and I went out to the mall to teach her a bit of driving on ice.  It went well, I'd recomend doing that with any new driver.  Coming up to a stop light doing 60 is not the time you want to be figuring out breaking distances on ice...

October 24, 2003

Asha got her licience at the start of the month!  Yay!  The first thing she did was get a ride down to my work and steel the car.  I was in Toronto at a meeting and the car was gone when I got back.  I was 95% sure I knew that Asha had taken it, but it was a little disconcerting.

In other news, I've been driving to Toronto the past two weeks and am pulling down 60 hours a week.  Needless to say I'm a little tired.  I'm enjoying it though, the contractor is good to work with.  The job shouldn't last too much longer, maybe another two weeks.

September 28, 2003

A lot has happened in the last month-and-a-half!  There was the blackout on August 14, Hurricain Isabel (which was only a 24 hour drizzle in our area), my sister's birthday, my dad's birthday, Tim went off to Togo, Mark and Allyson had their baby, my cousin Natalie got married, and we went to Grant's birthday party in Toronto.  Wow.

Work is going well and the project I've been working on the past few months is materializing.  I'm rather anxious about it all, so I've been praying a lot about that.

yup, i echo the "a lot has happened". besides what dave has mentioned, my Jamin' Cardio business has started up, i've been taking more driving lessons (the exam is friday october 3rd @ 9am), and about 4 more people at church have annouced/ i've found out are pregnant. here comes another wave of babies!!! also, when Dave was able to go to Grant's b-day party in downtown TO, i was able to go out to Markham to see most of my cousins on the Lee side who were all getting together. we now have 6 baby cousins and it was sooooo wonderful to see them. we barely get together for anything except for weddings and funerals, so it's good to see that people are taking the initiative to really stay in contact. so, i really enjoyed that.

also, there was a going away party for Tim at Ian & Lisa's new place in Hamilton where Frank cooked soooooo much goooood food!!! there was steak, lamb, chicken, swordfish, salmon, corn on the cob, oh...and salad. it was so amazing. thank you Frank!!

my Jamin' Cardio business is doing really right now. we have 11 people enrolled, and people are enjoying themselves at classes, and YAY!! WE'VE BROKEN EVEN !!!! : D Dave and i are very happy about that. and in a week, i'll have my G2 license (if i don't fail) and will be able to have the freedom of driving our car and going wherever i need to quickly!! : D i am very, very excited about that.

August 11, 2003

We went on vacation the other week to the cottage.  It was really great.  Aside from getting sunburned the first day at the beach, oh well.  We went to my cousin Natalie's stage & doe, as well as a good friend of mine's, Greg.  And ofcourse we had our one year anniversary!  Yay!

This summer has gone by really fast.  I think part of the problem is that thereís not school ending to signal that it arrived.  Work has the problem of blending one day into the next without much interruption.  This is going to take some getting used to, but I want to make sure that Iím not waking up one day wondering where the past X number of years went! :P

hello! it's been a while since we updated....and the summer has seemed to go so fast. here we are in august already...thank goodness we're not dreading the start of fall term anymore. : ) but, i do need to think of the Fall and programs starting up, cuz i am going to be teaching the Jamin' Cardio classes this fall. tentatively they're going to be at my church (Lincoln Road) but i'm unfortunatley still in negotiations. so, pray that it'll all work out, and i'll have a time and place that will attract a lot of people.

i've still been practicing my standard, but i really need to gear it up, cuz my G1 exit test is on Oct. 3rd. so, i think i'll take a few more driving lessons, and keep on practicing. but i did drive home half of the way from the cottage to Waterloo! and i only stalled twice! :D yay! i'm getting more and more confident, and enjoying it more too. :)

and the vacation *was* wonderful. i got more sun than Dave, but no sunburn (:P) and managed to sleep a good lot and read and do things i wanted to while i was up there. and when dave's family arrived, it was really great too. i had such good talks with his mom, and got to see Christy for the first time in a while. ahh...vacation....i almost want another one, but i know i need to work hard to get this Jamin' Cardio off the ground.

ta ta for now!

July 6, 2003

Sooo, today is the day that Jenn becomes very very happy. Today is the day that we got an AIR CONDITIONER!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to Tom & Suzanne Guest who very graciously gave it to us. we were almost going to buy one, but getting one for free is better. :D thanks anyway to Jess. soo, we are going to be able to sleep cooler at night and be able to stand the scorching heat during the day. Praise God!

also on a good note, i am back teaching aerobics at least 1x/week, and this time at the Super Club Family Fitness Gym on Victoria St. in Kitchener. And the lady who hired me was very understanding about letting me ease back into teaching - but they have a much smaller schedule than Waterloo does, so it's much easier. :) soo, i'm doing something. :D plus, in the fall i think i'm going to start doing Jamin' Cardio. it would be a self-employment type thing, where i would have choreographed dance/aerobics songs that you teach for 10 weeks at a time, and i can take it to churches, community centres, and at the gyms too. so, that could potentially make us a lot of money, and i'd be doing what i love - dancing!! YAY! things are looking up!

June 24, 2003

Well I got a library card for the public library the other day.  It's funny, I feel more apart of the town now, it feels more like home.  That may seem odd but it's true.  I guess it's because the last time I had one was back in Newmarket.

My first bullion (pure valuable metal) coin arrived today!  It's a 2002 Silver Maple Leaf Hologram "Anaversary Loon" coin.  I'm very happy!

oh my...i'm melting!!! melting!!! it is all hot for the summer now, and it's super hot like last year. hopefully i'll get a job soon so we can get some A/C in the apartment. yes, i still don't have a job. poopy. and i'm stuck because i keep get turned down because i don't have enough experience...it's a big repetitive problem for new grads...and i'm not sure where to go from here. my motivation level is really low too. please continue to pray for a job for me.

last week was really busy for me though - i was helping a friend get her hair permed by watching her son for her and keeping him occupied. it was good fun, but tiring, as kids are. i also had my very first official driving lesson from our friend Elverne and I CAN ACTUALLY DRIVE STANDARD! YAY!!!!! i'm so excited to actually be working towards my goal of driving independently! : D

and a group of us went to the Ikea Midnight Madness sale down in Burlington friday night - we got a new lamp for the living room and some things we've been wanting to pick up. dave and i have also been a part of a bible study this month that was preparing for an outreach/fundraising event (a yard sale) that happened this past saturday. it's been good to examine what God tells us to do in helping "the least of us". so, this week is a little less busy, but that's okay - i can only stand so much in this heat....(blub, blub, blub, melt, melt, melt).

June 17, 2003

Well we've run into a little car trouble lately.  We've replaced the front exhaust pipe the other week then this past week the engine started over heating.  Luckily I noticed it before the rad blew, so it just ment making stops every 5-10 minutes to let the engine cool until we could take it in on Monday.  Now that the thermostat's replaced we're all set to go again.  *sigh*.  Atleast we have a car though.

In other news I'm enjoying coin collecting.  It seems to be my hobby now.  Collecting world coins can be a little cheaper than Canadian or US coins, mainly because there's less demand.  I plan on scanning all my coins in and displaying them around here.  I just need to manage my time a little better than I do now...

hello...it's been a long time, eh? sorry - it's been on the back burner for a while. but, i still don't have a job. : ( it's getting frustrating because i've been in two situations where i've been 1/2 or 1/3 on the short list and didn't get the job because of not having enough experience. soo, i'm in a conundrum. :P but, i'm going to check out which clinics would be willing to let me job shadow a Kin for a while. that's the only way i figure i'll get any experience. poopy. i'm certified and educated but i can't get paid for what i do. sucks.

but, i am getting excited about being more involved in the church and in some women's ministry work there. there's a real need to help single moms who are in a low income situation and need emotional support and tangible help. so, i'm going to investigate the opportunities and start helping out soon.

May 20, 2003

This was a great weekend.  The Carioni's had a big get together filled with Oyster's and Beer (nicknamed the BO Party by someone).  It was great to have /almost/ everyone together again.  Thanks Grant and Janet for letting us stay over!

After than Asha and I when to my parent's cottage.  The cottage has an entirely new kitchen now, much to my Mom's joy.  It was very relaxing as usual.

May 11, 2003

Happy Mother's day mom!

We've got a car now, a black Hyundai Accent '99.  Not too much power but really good on gas.  Work is keeping me busy but it's interesting.  Stan's bechelour party on Saturday was fun.  Being spring my allergies are taxing my energy levels quite a bit until my body acllimates to it.  Hopefully that won't be too long.


we have not done anything with this blog for a while - sorry! life has gotten a little busier, and it fell to the back burner....not that we're the only ones that don't update their sites a lot (ahem).

But anyway, here i am. Not a whole lot has changed in a while. I have been looking for work since the end of January (after my back got a whole lot better), and haven't had any success yet. i've had about 5 interviews, and i have another on this tuesday (the 13th @ 2:30). so, we'll see what happens. i've been looking in the Kin field, and there's not a lot in this specific region for someone who is just starting out. so, please pray that there is someone out there that would be willing to take on someone who doesn't have a whole lot of experience, but a lot of willingness to learn.

other than that, God has been providing a lot of really wonderful experiences for me lately, and i've been able to deepen a few friendships too. so, i'm very thankful for that. i've been hanging out with Jackie Satnik a lot and getting to know her 5 1/2 month old son Roenan. that's been really amazing. :)

so, that's all from Asha's desk for the moment....we'll try to update more regularly now. ta ta!

Febuary 2, 2003

Happy Chinese New Year!  I'm settling into being in the office more but I am still doing field work.  WESA's a really great company.  Not too much else to mention: my birthday, MOO3 went gold, we've been decorating the apartment more, that about sums it up I guess!

Congradulations to the Kabulows and the birth of Julie Mae Hellen!

hellooo to you all!! dave's been asking me to post, so here i go! Happy New Year, Happy Chinese New Year as well! congrats go out again to Steve and Andrea on their upcoming marriage on March 29th, 2003! also congrats also to all of our other friends that are rapidly getting engaged and pregnant and everything else! ...noooo, we won't be having kids for a little while...

please continue to pray for a job for me - i've been more seriously looking lately, and hopefully it will come soon. i've also recently finished applying for Physiotherapy, and have to wait until June (AHHHHH!) to hear whether i get in or not. pray for that as well please!! and in terms of my back, it is doing soooo much better. i'm almost pain free - i just need to get my strength up!

love you all! bye for now.

December 24, 2002

It's Christmas Eve now. I finally went shopping on the 22nd, Jenn was getting anxious for me.  A merry Christmas from WESA to me was I got offered full time employment!  Yay!

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!  We'll see you in the new year!

halloo! Merry Christmas everybody! thank you so much for the cards and pictures we've been receiving from you all. it's been great to fill our first home with our first Christmas tree, our first Christmas cards received as a couple, and little ornaments to make it festive. : ) we're spending not *too* much time travelling to see family, but enough. we'll have to sort out who gets us when as the years go by.... ah, the perils of getting married. LOL!

as for me, please pray that job opportunities will come my way in the new year, and that my back will continue to heal. it's been really hard dealing with the pain, but it is slowly getting better.

thanks for all your love... ttys.......

December 7, 2002

The house warming party went really well.  Thanks to every that could make it!  Work's been busy lately, I've been back out to Stratford a bit but that should be ending now.  It'll be nice when things are more settled at work and I can get into a routine.

hello! it's my first personal post on our website! yay! As Amaruit said, thank you all so much for coming - we enjoyed seeing so many of our friends and family again. please feel free to drop by anytime, and anyone who couldn't come, please!! we want to see you!

as some of you know, i've been off of work for about 7 weeks now because of really bad back problems. but, praise God! this past week my lower back pain has been subsiding a lot, and i've just been dealing with some headaches and the fact that my muscles are so weak. i'm being treated by an Osteopath right now and he's doing a world of good. if anyone in the 'Loo needs treatment for pain, let me know - i'll get you his number. : )

November 21, 2002

Well Asha and I are having our house warming party this Saturday!  Drop by any time between 1:30 and 5:00.  If you need directions email us or give us a call.

Things are going ok right now.  Asha and I are settling into married life and are getting ourselves organized.  The budget is the big item right now... I guess we have to start the "thank you" cards soon though *shudder*

November 6, 2002

Welcome!  This is our new home!  This page needs a complete overhaul and rethinking.  Getting married affects your life more than you think.  For example: it never occured to me that Asha would want to have a hand in our web site.  I alway's just figured I'd do it by myself.  So who knows how this place will turn out.  I have no idea.  I'm sure it'll be an interesting project for us to work together on :)

July 22, 2002

Oooooook... Well "update the page regularly" got turned into: "Amaruit have no time for web page".  I've carved out a little time tonight to do this so I'll try to keep it as informative and brief as I can.

We've got an apartment in Waterloo now!  This is a great relief.  We've started to move things in but leaving the "nesting" until after the honeymoon.  There's just not enough time right now.  Our new address will be on the wedding ceremony program.

I think everything is sorta undercontrol and loose ends are being tied up, but please pray for Asha's stress level as she's been doing 99% of the work since I started working 50+ hour weeks.  (BTW that's the main reason why I don't want to make a career of construction supervision, the weeks are always long.)

IMPORTANT I have fixed the link to The Pampered Chef Registry [old link] site!!!  It took me a while to realize it was broken but then it fell into that month long period where I really killed my comp and I couldn't stay alive for more than ~20 minutes.  If you are still looking for gift ideas please follow the link!

In other registry news that-is-not-The-Bay, Ian Frey is co-ordinating Costco gifts.  Give him a call for more ideas!

June 9, 2002

Hello to all that checketh the web site!  The invites are obviously done and all of the "big" planning is finished.  We've even found a beautiful place for pictures! (this was up in the air for those who know)

This site is due for a major revamp and should be finished before the week is through because...

I've got a job!  I've got a job as a construction supervisor for a company called WESA.  I've done this line of work before; it's not quite a career I want but it gives me a good "in" with the company.  It's a four month contract starting mid June and so Asha and I will be settling down in Waterloo area for now.  Thanks to everyone that was praying for us!

May 28, 2002

Well the two month mark has been passed.  Most of the needs-to-be-done-2-to-3-months-before-the-wedding stuff is finished.  This is a big relief to Asha and I :)

May 23, 2002

In addition to the registry at The Bay we have a few things we'd like from Costco.  Email or call us and we will give you a list of items and prices.  You'd have to commit to buying that item within a few days or commit to buying and not changing your mind.  It's difficult to regulate otherwise :)

The invitations are being made up now and should be in the mail shortly.  *phew*

May 18, 2002

Well, we're offically registered at The Bay now.  You can find our regestry page here.
Now on to doing the invitations...

May 10, 2002

Asha and I are currently working on our registry.  We hope to complete that by Wednesday of next week.
We want to get the invitations out ASAP, latest by the end of May.

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